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Quality Tile Installation has been performing  residential ​remodels and ​has specialized in complete shower ​and tub remodel projects including diagnosing and repairing or replacing leaking showers in the Dallas area ​SINCE 1986.

Second to kitchens, bathroom renovations not only improve function, but add value to your home.  Tile setting, especially in wet areas demands time, experience and a committment to completing the project correctly the first time to ensure that your shower remodel & tub remodel project is built to outlast your investment.

Tile lasts a lifetime, but shower failure is inevitable when tile is set on inferior products for the job.  Our shower bottoms are constructed of heavy duty shower pan liners that are then covered with a layer mortar that is slightly sloped towards the drain.  We never build our seats out of lumber, which can swell and can cause tile problems in the event that they become exposed to leaks.  We build our seats  out of cinder block or brick, covered with a layer of mortar which is slightly sloped inward towards the drain in the event of a leak.  We never use sheetrock on the walls, which if exposed to leaks can deteriorate and develop mold issues, causing additional rotting of surrounding wood frame work.  We set tile only on a mortar bed or cement backerboard. 

Do you have water leaking on your floor, mold issues, musty odors or loose or falling off tiles?  If so, you could have a shower leak.

We will perform a complete inspection of your shower including a shower pan test, explain to you where the failure has occurred and provide a written estimate of the needed repairs.

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