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Diagnosing a leaking shower

Do you have water leaking on your floor, mold issues, musty odors or loose or falling off tiles?  If so, you could have a shower leak.


Shower leaks can be caused by any number of issues including foundation,  plumbing fixture failure or faulty glass enclosures, but more commonly is caused  from outdated or inadequate installation techniques or inferior products.  Many times the damage goes beyond the tile walls into the wood frame work.

We will perform a complete inspection of your shower including a shower pan test, explain to you where the failure has occurred and provide a written estimate of the needed repairs for your shower remodel.

Quality Tile Installation is committed to completing your shower remodel right the fits time


Tile lasts a lifetime, but shower failure is inevitable when tile is set on inferior products for the job.    Our shower bottoms are constructed of heavy duty shower pan liners that are covered with a layer of mortar that is slightly sloped towards the drain.  We never build our seats out of lumber, which can swell and cause tile problems in the event it becomes exposed to leaks.  We build our seats out of cinder block or brick that is covered with a layer of mortar which is  also slightly sloped  towards the drain.   We never use sheetrock on the walls, which if exposed to leaks can  deteriorate and develop mold issues, causing additional rotting of surrounding wood frame work.

 We set all wet area tile only on cement backerboard and/or a mortar bed.

Demolition can sometimes expose additonal damage to the supporting frame work and when performed carelessly can cause further plumbing problems.  We perform demolition work in an orderly and neat manner, taking special consideration of plumbing, and removing and replacing all hidden damaged materials to ensure that what is behind your tile walls is fresh and mold free.

30 years of insurance claim experience
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