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Quality Tile Installation has been performing  residential ​remodels and ​has specialized in complete shower ​and tub remodel projects including diagnosing and repairing or replacing leaking showers in the Dallas area ​SINCE 1986.

Whether you are updating your homes interior to bring warmth and value, or are needing to repair or replace a leaking shower, Quality Tile Installation is committed to providing superior workmanship and products, so that you have the confidence that your renovation will be beautiful and built to outlast your investment. 

Do you have water leaking on your floor, mold issues, musty odors or loose or falling off tiles?  If so, you could have a shower leak.

We will perform a complete inspection of your shower including a shower pan test, explain to you where the failure has occurred and provide a written estimate of the needed repairs.

 Quality Tile Installation is owned and operated by Mike Arion, and has been performing tile installations in the Dallas Ft Worth area since 1986. 

Quality Tile Installation specializes in bathroom renovations, shower remodels and leaking showers,


Through referrals and networking, Quality Tile Installation has performed renovations not only for individual homeowners, but realtors, general contractors, pool and insurance companies.   ​

​Quality Tile Installation works with a network of licensed plumbers and electricians and reputable carpenter, painter, granite countertop and cabinetry craftsmen 

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